Welcome to the 9 o'clock nasty

Monday 9 August 2021

Edgar Allen Poets are that interesting thing, band online who seem to have swerved into music reviewing for themselves. It's an interesting site. Of course we find it even more interesting because they reviewed us! A kind and fair review it is too.

A compositional style that takes its cue from bands of the past but that at the same time adds avant-garde and modern nuances that make it unique. 

We argued for almost half a minute about whether we are avant-garde or not at the Orbiting HQ. One side put it that the avant-gard is timeless and indeed we are most avant, and especially gard. The other stated in no uncertain terms that the term relates to an artistic movement that is itself now historical. Then we just agreed to carve butter into shapes for the next video (for "You Dairy Creatures, Convince Me Of Hell") and move on.

Thank you to the Edgar Allen Poets for checking us out and writing. They also shall have an invite to the Nasty Christmas Party. Nasty, Out.

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