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Wednesday 25 August 2021

Gammons Rage Against Pilgrims


(see note in footer about this image)

As the GammonSphere begins the drumbeat of "huff huff huff" over human beings who are fleeing for their safety (to make money with clickbait and hatebait, this is purely business and not personal) we felt now was a good time to refer our lovely listeners to Gammon v Pilgrim.

Strangely if you think of immigrants or asylum seekers as pilgrims searching for food, water, law and order, it does put a different frame around some of the news-nonsense.

PS we were supposed to be letting the article plugging our t-shirts for £11.99 take centre stage today, so if you're reading this instead, we have t-shirts going cheap until Friday. They're good ones.

Regarding the image

We did doctor the screenshot above. Full disclosure, we didn't want to give the company that chooses to advertise any extra pixels (it was Boots and shame on them for advertising on such odious websites) so we have cropped the advert out.

Imagine, TWELVE people in fear of their lives having a house big enough for them to live in. 

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