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Sunday 8 August 2021



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Monstruosa is the lead track from "Growl," the August 2021 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty. A tight, twisted snarl to shout, scream and exhale to.

Listening Notes

It's been a long time. Long. You exhale. You want to carry on. There are one million reasons to. People. Things. Places. Songs. Songs like the one that is playing now. But it used to be so much more fun. Call the cab now. Call for the lift home now. Don't wait another minute. If you overstay a heartbeat more you will sink to regret. Leaving now is a choice. It is control. Seize that control.

The cab is like a timewarp. The city sleeps in neon and slunken forms shamble through the rain. You remember that song. The 9 o'clock Nasty song that is perfect for this moment. You consider asking the driver to put it on, but there is only an antique AM radio in the dashboard and a cassette player, like a broken mouth.

You remember. You dig cold hands into your pockets and in the deepest recess, there it is. The D90 tape. Yes, this is it.

"Driver, put this fucking song on right now or I will puke on the seats."

Sing Along

Monstruosa, take me home 

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