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Thursday 28 October 2021

Indie O'Clock at 9 o'clock


It is always good to be recognised in the genre of art-forms with the words "o'clock" in their title (it's a niche we occupy with pride) and fellow o'clockers Indie O'Clock have posted a fine review of Dust.

Whilst we may disagree with them on the correct way to capitalise your title, we like their logo and enjoyed their kind words. As it is in Portuguese we will translate it below (but as a service to long-time readers will not make any comments about touring Brazil (we totally will)).

9 oclock Nasty has just released his new EP, Rock is alive in the 3 unreleased tracks of this work and is electrifying.

We may object a blog with literally the word 0'clock in its name failing to correctly put the apostophe in ours, but we like to be called electrifying!  

Full of energy and with a lot to say, 9 oclock Nasty releases a new EP full of guitar and elements that make us go back to classic rock.

Opening the EP the first track is Say No To Funk, a classic rock, with guitar that rocks the main sound, a striking and tuned voice and secondary instruments that give refinement and strength to the song, this song is danceable and ideal to enjoy with the friends.

We prefer to think of ourselves as highly unclassical rock, and our user research tells us that 54.8% of our core audience are lone wolves that like to listen to our hardcore material whilst in moments of solitary contemplation, plotting or otherwise in a private headspace, 30% listen whilst carrying out everyday tasks and only the remainder play it loud whilst with other humans. A very small % have it on in the background during intense lovemaking sessions. Jane and Terry, we salute you. Terry, perhaps a bit more generosity, just saying.

We would however like more of our superfans to listen to the music in the company of friends and get them to buy our LP. Just saying. Hint hint.

The second track is If They Wont Eat Beef? A track that draws on punk rock, garage rock that we love to listen to, the guitar is also featured in this track and with a lot of attitude and expressiveness along with the vocalization marks the song that is pure energy and delicious to listen to.

THAT! Thank you. 

Last Chance is the last track and closes the album well, an introduction based on percussion and voice, full of creativity and originality, the song is authentic and full of 9 oclock Nasty's identity. We love knowing their work, they are promising and making real rock music. Rock is alive in this talented project.

Joking aside, (APOSTROPHE FOR FUCKS SAKES) this is a kind review and we wish we could engage more directly with friends in the Americas - we can see from our own stats that we're getting a lot of listens over there and that feels amazing - it just presents a small challenge for a garage band in Leicester about how to better reach that audience!

Much love to Indie Oclock


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