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Wednesday 13 October 2021

Sharp Poetic Verve! Roadie Music reviews Cut

So Pete has packed his suitcase and is waiting for his taxi to Heathrow. Seems like the tour of Brazil is on the cards. The idea of some odd band from Leicester getting coverage in Brazil and beyond (our biggest group of listeners on Soundcloud are from Mexico) is so strange. 

So we think the review is pretty amazing - we have translated it below (a combination of online translation and Ted applying his knowledge of Spanish to try and smooth the edges) but please do see the original!

The emphasis is entirely ours!

The English group from Leicester’s boundless creative potential surges  in this year 2021! After the newly released (and exceptional result) EP, "Dust", they attack with another beautiful handful of great songs, showing that "comfort zone" is a non-existent word for the band. The new EP titled "Cut"shows how rapid the guys are in their creation process. It's really awesome!

We aren't trying to be comfortable. The "oh god did we just do that?" moment is one of the biggest pleasures of what we do (just wait until you hear "Hot Disco Shit".... 

The fifth record of this nature in the group's history (yes, the album"Catch Nasty" is on the way!), brings its usual garage-rock with powerful pop incisiveness, but filled with influences from the most disparate. The symbiosis of rap + melodic-rock is an excellent example of this, and still accompanied by the traditional vibe that accompanies the band.

The choruses characteristically punk-rock, but with strong pop elements, form their strong trademark. As well as the psychobilly enveloping that clashes with a hard-rock of the very first, "Gravy Train". Now, the futuristic riff of the guitars of "Dead Planet" is one of the most powerful conceived in the rock scene in recent times, its sensory power is simply hypnotic! In addition to the three songs accompanied by videos available on youtube, it is worth mentioning the sharp poetic verve of the 9 o'clock Nasty, something that the band members describe as: “all the three songs play in serious politics and important issues, but deliver with the usual gentle humour of the band and the side-eyed view of the world. Innocent and aggressive.” The positive expectations growing  in favour of the band, is an inevitable result, because it seems that the musical maturity is such, that they will always deliver something even greater to us in the future! Another beautiful set of banging tracks. 

It is a great guitar riff. It really is. Thank you.

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