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Tuesday 12 October 2021

Take Me Back to the Blues Brothers: Edgar Allen Poets review Cut

Edgar Allen Poets are a band and a website. Both are pretty good. They have an absolute talent for finding a couple of over the top but classy turns of phrase to review our songs. This time, (and please do go look at the review) they say some good stuff.

"[Cut] made me think of those years when people were freer and more sincere."

That is an incredibly kind thing to say and we hope it is true, and comes across in our music. We love a positive response from people who hear what we do (of course we do, raccoons need approval), but I don't think we've ever held back because someone might not like an idea, and we've certainly never put anything out to "conform." Partly because we're just not like that, and partly because we are free to do what we want, and nobody depends on our songs to put their food on the table. With Cut there was a slight feeling of "this is a bit different to what we've done until now" but we're so excited by it there is no way we could have not released it as it was. The new stuff for November is quite out there... and we'll give it up regardless of any fear over perceptions.

"their sound is like putting my fingers in the socket."

First can we say, never put your fingers in electrical sockets. We do aim to get energy into a performance, and being a recording-first band, spontaneity and  performance have to come higher than production values in our work. We want to make music that gets people twitching a bit.

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