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Saturday 19 February 2022

Sarcasm and brutal honesty from Leicester. Mangowave Reviews Sex


Mangowave is one of those music sites we truly do read for pleasure - that isn't us sucking up or anything - it is smart, it has some good politics and their instagram account from time to time pops out some really neat photos. So anyway, enough of hyping other people, let's hype ourselves a bit here. 

This week, since releasing Sex, has genuinely been like standing next to a wall and having spaghetti thrown at you. Well, like we imagine that would be like.  Time was we doted on every review or write up, we gathered around the speakers for every radio play, we embroidered our favourite phrases onto cloth and hung them from the furniture.

Now we are so busy trying to cope with Pete bringing home old pianos and sacks of nuts that there is so little time left to work on website things. 


But this review we wanted to write a bit about because we liked it, and we have a few minutes. So here goes.

First. STOP. WHOAH. HALT. Read the review on the site. Then come back here. Off you go. Go on.

You done that?

You promise?

Let us talk about 9 o'clock nasty because one might assume that with their first EP release in 2022, the Leicester-based band is back in business. But actually, they have never been gone. Maybe, since the release of previous EP "Politic" two days before New Year's Eve 2021, 9 o'clock nasty have caught some fresh air. But they have definitely been around all the time - in their fans' hearts, dreams, fantasies, and maybe even nightmares. Two days before Valentine's Day 2022, the English band has brought joy and love upon our planet with their recent three-track EP "Sex".

We actually recorded an absolute ton of stuff in November and Politic, Sex and the next two singles and the upcoming LP all originate from that feverish time when we just seemed to pop out a new song every two nights. We would be surprised to find ourselves in someone's fantasy, but if we land in yours please do make us a cup of tea and offer us a chair. It will have been a long walk.

We're just in the midst of a similar creative bubble with songs like Fancy Man, Food on the Floor, Darker Star and I'm Bent just forcing their way out into the world without care for our sleep or sanity.

The first track 'Do me, too' is a bone-dry and seductive Garage Rock banger. A soundscape hot as love and dry as envy invites us on a thrilling journey through the spheres of fetish and free love. The song comes with a reference to a famous song by The Stooges, and the track deals with the question how to deal with jealousy in polyamorous relationships.

Hot as love, dry as envy is a PERFECT summary. Thank you. We will use it! The Stooges reference left us stumped. Genuinely. Ted wandered lost for a few minutes trying to work out which song is being referenced. In Leicester, once upon a time, there was a band called the Whizz Sisters. They were a boutique goth band. They used to end their set with a rendition of I Wanna Be Your Dog that is probably how most people imagine the Stooges would have played it, but in reality, probably would never have debased themselves quite that much. So yes, it was a Stooges reference by way of the lovely defunct Whizz Sisters, gone to that industrial crusher in the basement of indie.

The second track 'What have you done for me lately?' is a lot darker, both music-wise and in content. As the title already tell us, this song is about power and is potential to destroy a relationship's harmony. On a driving and sonorous bass line, 9 o'clock nasty tell about relationships that become battlegrounds. Once it is not about trust and love anymore but about who invested more time and energy into the relationship, it might be a good time to either look for drastic changes, or to break up.

We never intend to give advice, but if you are ever in the kind of relationship we write songs about it is probably a good idea to think twice! To be clear, our own real life relationships are NOT the source material for the lyrics.

And finally, the sweet ballad 'Indoor Boyfriend' is dedicated to those people who do not have to talk about sex because they are sex - and toxicity, too. This Surf and Wave anthem makes the sun shine for you, and also reminds us to smash patriarchy.

We love smashing the patriarchy.  It is a lovely line that links what we did before, to what we did now. So here is a line that links to what we are doing next. Take your foot off the brakes and pour me a drink.

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