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Thursday 24 February 2022

Spring and Summer Release Schedule


We have been asked this a few times, so here is a short share of our upcoming releases.

  • February 12th SEX a three track EP with Do Me Too, What Have You Done for Me Lately? and Indoor Boyfriend.  Sex is out now.
  • March 19th  PLAYBOY DRIVER a one-track single.
  • April 9-BALL a one-track single.
  • May By All Means Necessary our second LP. The LP will include all the songs released since Catch Nasty, with the exception of What Time Is Santa? and Sexy Back. In addition there will be Hot Disco Shit, Shoot! Shoot! the Judas Goat and Choke.
  • June-July. We are currently writing and recording new material. Some of those songs will be singles, others will wait for the third LP in the Autumn. They include:
    • Fancy Man
    • Paint Me Like Graffiti
    • Under a Darker Star
    • I'm Bent
    • Rise Up
    • Food on the Floor

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