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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Gritty Guitars from Plastic Magazine


Plastic Magazine are well-know for their "no bands with the number 9 in their name" policy, so we were especially pleased to finally break down that wall and have a review.

A couple of quotes

Leicester-based alternative outfit 9 o’clock Nasty take no prisoners with their swaggering rock sound. At the core of their music sits gritty guitars, driving beats and melody-focused vocal lines and harmonies.

This is a really cool description of what we do. We may steal it to use on our social media profiles. OK, we did. Pete's been trying to get the grit out of his guitar for ages, but that is what you get when you play hard rock in the sand dunes.

Bringing the DIY style of 90s garage rock firmly into the 21st century, they offer their own authentic sonic vision. After releasing a string of singles over the last two years, they’ve carved out a fanbase eager for their raw indie rock vibes.

Thank you plastic! 

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