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Sunday 6 March 2022

Playboy Driver first review:

Danzig Krupp over at Dark Strudel is a funny old goat. He loves to hate us when all we do is give him cheese and good tunes but he does write a good review. He has savaged us in the past but he has done a review of the preview of Playboy Driver which we hope will be the first of many.
Barely restrained guitars hang on the edge of meaning as the crescendo builds. Every instrument battles to take control in a heaving mess. This is music on the edge of falling apart and spilling onto the pavement in every moment and somehow it stumbles forwards and keeps pace. 
There is something very dark at the heart of this song. Kinetic. A casual death. Yet it fills me with adrenaline and joy and I cannot help playing it over and over again. For a few moments, I am the Playboy Driver, and I think that is the point. We would all embrace death if our life could be this good.
We spent a lot of time making Playboy Driver work so it's a bit distressing to hear it called a mess on the verge of falling over, but the truth is, from the first moment we played it, it does have an "edge of chaos" feel to it so we sort of understand where he's coming from. 

As for the darkness at its heart, well everyone will hear what they hear. We hear joy. Savage joy at someone who is free. Truly free and to take the consequences, however the dice may fall.

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