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Sunday 20 March 2022

Playboy Driver Playlist Roundup


We would generally like to write a proper response to every time someone bothers to playlist us.  We do always try to listen to the whole playlist and namecheck any artists we enjoyed. Time is however tight, so for the moment we're just listing them here. In no particular order....

@julienceuk dropped us on his Guitar Orientated Rock list which is a BEAST from the Beatles to Hendrix and is currently on our speakers at full dB 

@jpgchief listed us on Sickest and Dopest where we get to be next to @hana_piranha again! We're  also on Fresh Singles where we especially enjoyed @myfriendthechimpanzee

@mangowavereviews added us to multiple lists - our favourite one is Mango 100 Post Punk and New Wave where we feel very happy next to people like @golden_plates and @thtmsc

@nenesbutler also has a rather fine Indie playlist where we are delighted to see @ragingclueuk

@artistionline put us on their eponymous playlist which in our experience is one of the most played indie lists out there. Nice to be shoulder to shoulder with the awesome Slow Fall who seem to have 100 Instagram profiles so we can't work out which one to pick. 

There are a lot more... we will get around to listening and listing later this week.

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