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Friday 13 May 2022

Reviews for Darker Star


Send Me Your Ears @SendMeYourEars "Darker Star is ... a relentless wall of sound, with shouty vocals but damnit, it’s so catchy!"

Pigeon Opinion @pigeon_opinion "Bird sounds, thunderous lights and police sirens work as amazing psychedelic sounds effects amplifying 9' o'clock Nasty's cartoon aesthetic! Great riffs back up an already iconic hook"

Music is to Blame @musicistoblame "Leicester-based 9 O’Clock Nasty’s new single has got listeners wholly engaged with a new hit of self-proclaimed ‘whimsical aggression.’ Although the tempo of the track is actually quite mid, the vocals adds fiery energy that emulates feelings of a controlled frustration; not quite denying the feeling, but completely owning it. In fact, the main vocal hook “I was born under a darker star than you” sounds as if it could be some sort of chant at a rally with the amount of energy they hold. As the bass is introduced, its slow pace has an almost sultry, enticing feel that cleverly binds the rest of the instrumentation together, adding a nice contrasting element to the vocals which refuse to be ignored."

Headbangers News @headbangersnews_br "...references to alternative rock from the 90s – with good doses of grunge, garage rock, pop and indie. The song has a funky sound and powerful riffs, where the chorus hits hard in a tunbe that will stick in the listener's mind and captivate you with all the charisma and inimitable sense of humor of this band"

.Saiid Zedan @saiidz "Darker Star's 9 o'clock Nasty (Original Single) is the ideal single for any aspiring rock band. It is highly energetic and displays a strong, charismatic vocal that highlights the band's ability to write great rock songs. Featuring a driving beat, melodic guitar riffs, powerful vocals and layered harmonies, this single will get your heart pumping! The instrumentation gives the listener a sense of excitement and a clean-sounding production provides clarity and definition to the overall sound." 

Indie O'Clock @indieoclock "The band is known for the stripped-down and irreverent way of making songs,... "Darker Star" starts with guitar making mind-bending riffs amidst the chaos of police sirens"

Artisti Online @artistionline "Madness and eccentricity complete their artistic profile..Impossible not to be overwhelmed and engaged by their charisma and their unstoppable energy!

MangoWave @mangowavereviews "....the song spreads electrifying thrill from its first second on. The stoic but heavy drum beat ... leaves a certain Krautrock vibration - mesmerizing and activating. The main riff is an extremely catchy Garage Rock'n'Roll an whatever theme that will nest in your inner ear once you have heard it for the first time. As a gorgeous feature that makes that riff's catchiness even more resilient, it is transferred to the bass line during the chorus - stunning! And speaking of the chorus, this is where the organ spreads some honest 60s Horror Film feels... you know that the three musicians from Leicester know how to create an anthem. From the dynamic verses to the hymnic hookline, every part drags you into the dark sphere of this song, and thus you cannot not join in chanting "I was born under a darker star than you".

Have 9 o'clock nasty surpassed themselves once more? Indeed"

Senocular @senocularmedia "...a raw power ballad that, despite seeming rough around the edges, has a huge sound with deep, inviting tones. The catchy chorus becomes the band’s battle cry as it is chanted over the analogue tracked song."

TopMusic @mw3.biz "I love when a band can take the energy of punk and combine it with the feeling of post-punk. That’s what 9 O’Clock Nasty does with their track “Darker Star,” and they do it well. It’s dark and moody, but there’s also undeniable energy to it that seems to come from nowhere—it’s like you’ve been sitting in your room all day watching TV or playing video games or whatever, and then suddenly you realize that you’ve got a fever and are running at full speed down the road while laughing maniacally at nothing in particular. Just listen to the police car sound in the beginning and you understand what I’m talking about."

Rising Artists  @risingartists.musicblog  "...their sound is always changing they still have a core sound that you will become obsessed with. 9 o’clock Nasty makes music for all the freaks and geeks of the world. Go see why everyone is loving them, get even weirder and watch all their videos…it will send you into a rabbit hole that you never want to get out of."

KarlIsMyUnkle @karlismyunkle "... a deliciously analogue power ballad that was foretold years ago.... some people just have their life sorted before sperm meets egg. Others just cannot get a break. ... this is a really intelligent commentary on the astral situation of each living being, and we love the emotive delivery which is fused with a sense of self acceptance in the message of the track. The song comes with a video which sees our protagonists performing whilst pulling tarot cards, making a commentary on the deterministic nature of our shared reality." ***this is a truly kind review and we love the website, but we were actually saying fuck destiny. To be clear. It's bobblenonsense.

OS Garotos de Liverpool @gdltudosobremusica "Delivering heavy riffs, very well executed and a screaming vocal, but that, when necessary, fits perfectly with the backing vocals and passes through the post-punk and strands of rock as punk and alternative, over almost 3min40s of impeccable work, both in execution and in its production issues, being certainly a single that will win over more fans of the genre."

Roadie Metal @roadie_metal "THERE ARE NO CHAINS THAT CAN HOLD THE 9 O'CLOCK NASTY....  never follows a normal path.... walk along roads that, although heavy, run through a more groovado sound and with some vibes of traditional funk in the rhythms of the composition"

Edgar Allan Poets @edgarallanpoets "These guys are getting naked and fearlessly following their instincts." 

Less Than 1000 Followers @jpgchief said "This is maybe the trio’s catchiest song up to date, as it immediately begins with the anthemic chorus after the groovy intro. Easy, simple, intoxicating, delicious. And, my god, the lyrics are just hysterical..."

Dark Strudel @darkstrudel "This record sounds like it was recorded by an orchestra of tramps using junkyard instruments. Yet bizarrely everything clicks into place, and it has a soulful groove, a whimsical aggression unlike anything I’ve heard before. The chorus has power. Real power."

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