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Sunday 26 June 2022

Team Player: the Reviews are Coming In


Illustrate @illustratemagazine "Team Player’s first beat is a monster.… the bass enters, it contrasts the vocals with its slow cadence and almost sensual, enticing tones ingeniously binds the rest of the sounds together. …the chorus, which hits hard in a catchy tune that will grab you with the band’s charisma and distinct sense of humor.  They create music for the world’s oddities and geeks, following their inclinations boldly."

Red Rock Magazine @redrockmagazine "We all know the energy that goes behind a Nine o’clock Nasty song. It’s loud, boisterous and in your face. It’s unapologetic and full of unrelenting pizzazz. This song encapsulates all that is great about Nine o’clock Nasty. This song in particular feels as if its written just for the outsiders of this world. Those of us that have long felt misunderstood by mainstream society. This song is cathartic in a way as it gives the energy and message telling us its ok to just be ourselves. Nine o’clock Nasty is here to stand high atop the mountain waving the freak flag for us."

Plastic Magazine @plasticmgzn "9 o’clock Nasty are an alternative rock outfit that takes a side-eyed look at the world and punishes it with their driving beats and mild sarcasm. With their trademark sound of gritty guitar work, energising rhythms and often tongue-in-cheek lyricism, they’ve carved out a reputation as an exciting UK rock band offering a new sound.... a razor-sharp and punching sound, on their most recent single they deliver a swaggering rock cut with tinges of old school hip hop in it’s vocal delivery and sonic aesthetic."

Indie O'Clock @indieoclock "Before their sound was full on and chaotic, for this one they did something more experimental, technically speaking, they are making a style of punk that we can say is neo punk, they are the new voice of the genre and represent very well a fresh movement. In fact, they represent rock as a whole very well.... It takes us to the '80s amid frantic guitar riffs and constant beats. They make us electrify with the live sound of the guitar. The vocal is solid, striking, makes us vibrate, connects us to the idea of the guitar. Psychedelic and punk, comes close to the end and increases the atmosphere."

Ace of Swords @ace_of_swords.co "uncompromising, full of character and with a message that gets in your face for a couple of minutes and then makes room for whatever comes next."

Headbangers News @headbangersnews_br "9 o'clock Nasty continue to explode our speakers with their wonderful and strange releases. Never satisfied the band continues to release another work ... in a short period of time. The group works hard and loves what they do."

Rock Era @rockeramag "the song starts with a powerful, in-your-face intro, with a cool horn sound in the back with a sick beat and an elaborate, vibrant guitar line. The music takes you to unexpected places and unusual approaches in vocals and interpretation as if they broke free from their comfort zone."

Pigeon Opinion @pigeon_opinion "After running the underground with a brilliantly cartoony hook on the hit "Darker Star", 9' O Clock Nasty return with hard post punk, alternative garage and stoner rock riffs on "Team Player"! This incredibly charismatic tune brings the noise and playful melodies typical of britpop while the electrifying solos demonstrate an incredible symbiotic synergy - proving this group really plays as a team - especially the drummer who carries the single with extraordinary infectious drums! "Team Player" guarantees to be satirical and ironic and once again the chorus really shines by being superbly catchy and addictive! Also of note are innovative artsy lo-fi ideas involving reverb and challenging motifs to the listener. Quirky and punky - another big W for this promising underground group!"

FV Music Blog @fvmusicblog "The brilliant band 9 O’CLOCK NASTY are back with their best single yet. ‘Team Player’ is in equal parts addictive and compelling. Complete with wonderful vocal performance and a stoic beat, it is a song that could be the breakthrough single for this Leicester-based band."

Info Music @info_music_fr "An ease to launch, an ability to impose, 9 o'clock Nasty is a delightful surprise that makes a beautiful entry in our section and settles as the surprise that we recommend you to discover as soon as possible."

Rising Stars @risingartists.musicblog “Team Player is an instant in your face track that takes you back in time, the nostalgic track is very garage, punk, with some heaviness. ...This is an endless track that you will not be able to stop playing, while it’s on repeat you’re going to rage your little heart out and after you’re done with that track you’re going to move on to the next one from 9 o’clock Nasty. They make music that is so hard to not be completely obsessed with. The trio never disappoints."

Roadie Music @roadiemusicmag "With a beat totally influenced by funk, it follows a line full of swing with a slow bass, with a lot of groove, already showing the stripped air there. The guitars enter discreetly, but as they take shape, they emphasise the weight of the song. All with vocal lines that are between the sung and the recited, gaining influences from rap, reminding us immediately of the Beastie Boys. ... one of the most differentiated songs they've released, showing versatility and daring."

Sinusoidal @sinusoidal.music "So the question is never what 9 o’clock Nasty have in store for us next. It’s what is not, and most things aren’t off the table. Can it be about raccoons playing cards? About a tennis player/Christian madman? These guys have the Midas touch, if that means everything they touch turns to golden beer. "

Mangowave @mangowavereviews "This is the song for those who would rather saw off their left foot than participating in their company's annual staff outing at the climbing garden.... With sharp bends, the guitar decorates the main riff. Those are not sounds of evading obstacles. These bends help you to take a run-up and knock the obstacles over. Who is getting in your way? Right, noone and nothing!"

Other Side Reviews @theothersidereviews "Constantly evolving, 9 o’clock Nasty once again highlights their sophisticated obscurity in ‘Team Player’. Charismatic vocals pour forth from the analogue arrangement proving that you don’t need fancy stuff to make a mark on listeners. As I said, they can have pinpricks of light swirling about your head…but you’ll love the feeling. ‘Team Player’ does not slither into your cranium, but rather grabs your guts, squeezes and leaves you breathless with goosebumps all over your body."

Motion News @motionnews.it "I forced myself to listen to Team Player after overcoming the mental pain caused by not being able to review Darker Star. Like Boris Johnson, I adore every song by this band, and I never know what to anticipate from them next. Their songs don’t aspire to higher creative standards or seek for deeper meaning like a bad trio would. It is 9:00. Nasty are merely enjoying themselves. Team Player starts off with a punch before doing what 9 o’clock Nasty does best, which is diving into rock. Strong drums and a bass tone that would make Les Claypool’s pants flutter. Additionally, Sydd, Pete, and Ted give a chorus performance that Frank Black would pay millions of dollars for."

Biography Web   @biography.web The Leicester trio—the ruthless, enigmatic, dangerous, and dark-eyed beings of irony and satire—are back to face their demons while still debating the fundamental essence of humanity.

KIMU @KARLISMYUNKLE "Team Player expands with textured production and a strong Brit-rock delivery that we have come to love from 9 o’clock Nasty to tell the story of the leaders and gatherers of society ... an exercise in indie precision that drives a sharp spike into the spine.”

We Are MX @yourmusicexperience "a gritty, opaque groovy banger"

Edgar Allan Poets @edgarallanpoets  "It goes without saying that such a creatively productive band must have a lot of influences. It is precisely because of their great open-mindedness that 9 o’clock Nasty does not know what the word boredom means. The creativity they put into the lyrics, the musical arrangements, and the presentation of their musical idea to the world are superb. This is pure passion. The desire of these guys to make their artistic message known to the masses makes them forget all the work they are doing to spread their vision. They write well, have innovative ideas, and above all it’s a band that has something to say."

Dark Strudel @dark_strudel "After the wide panoramic boisterous sweeps of their last releases, the restless and violent 9 o’clock Nasty are back. Team Player hits you in the first beat. A vicious gut-punch. It keeps striking again and again. Relentless verses build up to a rabble-rousing chorus. This is music for when it is all too much, and you need to turn and face the oppressor. Music to build barricades to. Music to stand shoulder to shoulder and shout to the sky. When the restless stop and stand in one place. When they focus and strike, take notice."

Less Than 1000 Followers @jpgchief "Like a dark gargoyle of the night, the mean raccoons are back with a renewed striking force, ready to hit us right in the gut. The Leicester trio, the dark eye lined, the brutal, the mysterious, the perilous beings of irony and satire are back once more to overcome themselves as they continue to question the true nature of humanity.A fierce and heart-pounding track that attacks steadily and with control. A melting bass, tight drums, wailing guitar notes… Real talk. Real energy.  The intimidating mantra continues as a dark omen. The beat returns. Ecstasy."

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