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Sunday 27 August 2023

Reviews for Bird of Happiness


As always we thank the people that took time to listen to our stuff and write words about it. This is a list of our favourite quotes and links back to the original articles. Translations are a mixture of Google Translate and Ted's ability to badly converse in many, if we make an error or change any meanings we apologise, it isn't on purpose!

“The track is really pretty, with 60’s and 70’s Rock vibes. The Beatles, Velvet Underground, Beach Boys, you name it, it’s in there. Also, a magical dose of psychedelia. A beautiful track, one that I admit I never expected coming out of the Nasty creative source, but yet again, I’m proved short-sighted.” @jpgchief

“steering their sound toward a more mellow one with a sweet emotional layer in Bird of Happiness. It has strong old-school rock n roll influences that were cleverly handled by 9 O’Clock Nasty to give it their own twist, with their signature harmonics and easy-going catchy melodic flow that always keep you humming their songs just after your first listen.” @rockeramag

“Opening with a glistening and psychedelic riff, before expanding into a luscious guitar soundscape, Bird of Happiness opens with a stunning, layered power pop vocal and we are actually quite stunned.” @KIMU

“It takes courage for artists to step outside their comfort zones and experiment with a different musical direction, and the result is a beautifully crafted ballad that tugs at the heartstrings” @edgarallanpoets

“Sixties mishaps that make possible a sweet nostalgia, simply absolute through the poetic verve established: “on the purity of helpless and passionate despair, the pain of love”” @musicforall

“We adore the acoustic guitar, magnetic melodies and warm production.” @FVmusicblog

““Bird of Happiness” resonates with anyone who has felt the euphoria of love’s embrace and the heartache of its departure. The song’s infectious rhythm and melodies capture the essence of that emotional rollercoaster. The guitar riffs ignite like the flicker of first love, while the rock drums provide the heartbeat of vulnerability.” @boyzIIbusiness

“a composition that transcends the ordinary, encapsulating the multifaceted journey of love. “Bird of Happiness,” the latest offering from 9 o’clock Nasty, isn’t merely a rendition of love’s tribulations; it is an opus that artfully captures the paradox of yearning and fulfillment. “ @hailtunes

“this track features a collaboration with Meg Cratty of @theMargaretHooligans, whose exceptional vocal performance adds depth and versatility to the song… Bird Of Happiness is a feast for the ears, with cleverly crafted themes and melodies, catchy chord progressions, and memorable riffs”  @thoughtswordsaction

“The band breaks out like a Jack in the Box made of confetti, bringing joy and happiness with their single. Reminiscent of Tom Petty’s tones and guitars that will plaster a smile on your face the length of Route 66, you know it is going to be a jolly good ride.” @sinusoidal.music

“Sonically, the track sounds like a modern take on classic rock, with the likes of the Beach Boys and The Beatles immediately coming to mind… an obvious departure from the trio’s discography, but is a risk that has certainly paid off” @musicistoblame

“A nostalgic whiff of the Beatles brings a retro vibe to the single with smooth, tranquil tones. Transforming breaths of mind-juggling, gut-wrenching rawness to pretty joviality, the lads show their softer, smoother side…. She obviously hadn’t met 9 o’clock Nasty who might be perfect but continue to develop beyond the supposed perfection.” @theothersidereviews

“a poignant exploration of the pains of love, doesn't attempt to reinvent the wheel, but it undeniably stands at the pinnacle of its genre…. It's not merely a song that tugs at the heartstrings; it wrenches them, leaving behind a lasting impression of the profound pain and beauty inherent in love.” @euphony_music_blog

“Bird of Happiness is a particularly sweet track that takes you on an emotional ballad that you will not soon forget.” @iggymagazine 

“But what if there was a love song that honestly described the ups and the downs of love, and sounded cool? The waiting has come to an end. 9 o’clock nasty and @TheMargaretHooligans sing of the sinusodial curve that begins being a Bird of Happiness, plummets to becoming a Chicken of Despair, and then ascending again.” @mangowavereviews

“ The track’s genius lies in its beautiful simplicity and clarity, and the absence of unnecessary embellishments or distractions only provides further proof of 9 o’clock Nasty’s authenticity and genuine approach to songwriting.” @mesmerized.io

“Not only does the song show an uncharacteristic positivity from the band, but it’s like the frequency never changed. Mickey Humpper, Savage Mechanic, and then this? Well, you’ve got a standard magicians top hat here, with a whole lot of surprises to choose from” @indiemusicflix

“Playful acoustics and twangy guitars provide a vibrant introduction…  bursts the “everything was groovy,” bubble…  ear-catching harmonizing” @obscuresoundmusic

“The song’s easy-going and catchy melodic flow is a hallmark of 9 O’Clock Nasty’s sound, leaving an indelible imprint on listeners after just one listen. Their musical evolution is palpable, and “Bird of Happiness” marks a compelling departure from their usual dynamic, showcasing their adaptability and creative growth” @illustratemagazine

“The sound of the song is fresh and brilliant and the atmosphere is sunny and positive of 60s bands like the Beatles and Beach Boys. Listening to the words of the song, however, it is evident that the lyrics of the song definitely go in another direction. Lively guitar passages sew together the stanzas with the chorus that boasts choirs and vocal harmonizations with a parodic taste.” @artistionline_playlist

“This song differs from 9 o’clock Nasty’s previous releases as they deviate from their typical sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll sound and deliver a power-pop ballad about the pain of love.” @senocular_media

““Bird of Happiness” isn’t just a song; it’s an experience, an emotional odyssey that captures the essence of love, longing, and the human condition. Crafted with precision and passion, it stands as a testament to the power of music to touch souls and bridge gaps. “ @principlemusic_

“It always feels like Christmas when the greatest band in the world releases a new song, and that is exactly how I felt when I heard 9 o’clock Nasty’s “Bird of Happiness”….  a wild, eclectic and thoroughly amazing ride” @lostinthemanor_blog

“the song starts off with the lush electric guitars and an overdriven melody which is the hook of the song. The drums are laid back and groovy, reminiscent of the classic rock era of the 70s.” @tune_oasis

“…a testament to the beauty of musical diversity. 9 O’CLOCK NASTY, known for transcending genre boundaries, exhibits their mastery once again. The song defies categorization, a phenomenon achieved through the profound connection the artists share with their craft. This musical synergy has given birth to a composition that is as intricate as it is accessible, as complex as it is relatable.“@principlemusic_

“Kicking off with some awesome guitar riffs, the song soon erupts with some great harmonised vocals and laid-back drumming, creating an almost psychedelic vibe to the track, something very reminiscent of the sound of the 60’s.” @themetalpriestess

“…of course, it’s not a straightforward love song. Bird of Happiness fixes on the pain of love, particularly when it comes to the absence of a loved one. There’s a suitably romantic feel to its gentle indie rock arrangement. To our extra delight, the track is also a collaboration with another artist we love here at York Calling, Meg Cratty from the Margaret Hooligans.” @york_calling

“This song is magical, they manage to involve us and make us float on each beat, it brings a folk sound too, the 9 o'clock Nasty definitely surprises with this slower single, they show that they are here to stay @indieoclock

Britpop rhythm with gorgeous use of panning right from the get-go. When the vocals come in, they are layered and smooth. Instantly making us grin with the line, “I was a bird of happiness, now I’m a chicken of despair”, 9 o’clock Nasty give this song an almost Beatles-esque feel.” @sendmeyourears

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