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Saturday 18 November 2023

Unkle Natur


"Sort Your Garbage or the White Man Dies.”

Climate change as the inevitable death of humanity? Guarantee someone will make some money from that.

The human race survives and disaster is averted? Yup, someone will get rich off that too.

Look you can deny it, or you can try it. You can procure it. We'll supply it.

The whole thorny issue of climate impact and our behaviour gets so confused and emotional, we thought putting out a 2 minute garbage bomb of a track would help.

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Unkle Natur is the November 2023 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

We thank reviewers for taking the time to listen to our stuff - we don't always agree with what they write but we value the effort! Thank you to these reviewers who gave our song a few words.

@rockeramag said “these guys always managed to maintain their fun, laidback vibes while delivering cleverly written and arranged melodies with tight structure”

“The trio heavily relied on a groovy dynamic flow that allowed them to create a cool, catchy mix of heavy riffs and bouncy electronic beats while mixing multiple vocal deliveries as well, producing a fresh sound in an organically changing structure that keeps developing new sounds and approaches that maintained the song’s diverse sound”

@jpgchief said “British iconic Garage Rock trio, 9 o’clock Nasty, returns with their brand new single “Unkle Natur”. A wild, hip-hop-influenced song that marks a new musical direction for the loon raccoons.”

“The smashing drums, the menacing back and forth of the vocals, the obscure atmosphere from the video. Garage meets Punk meets Rock meets Hip-Hop. What a time to be a Nasty fan. What a vibe that resonates deep in our cores with such energy, passion, and filth in our veins. ”

@kimu said “Drawing us in with textured drums and an elegant guitar melody, 9 o’clock Nasty open Unkle Nature with intimacy and a refined mood before a subversive bass drop and evocative prose.”

“Needless to say, we are captivated by the philosophical concepts that 9 o’clock Nasty share with their lyricism. The delivery is as charismatic as ever, demonstrating the trios fervour, passion, social and environmental conscience.”

@edgarallanpoets said “a musical gem with a concept that is both intriguing and creatively offbeat”

“The catchy groove is infectious, keeping you moving and grooving throughout the song. It’s a high energy track that ignites a palpable sense of excitement”

@mangowavereviews said “Unkle Natur is the Hardcore Crossover wake-up call for the naughty kids.”

“…they let us know that we have been naughty, very very naughty. Or good and gently nurturing Mother Nature has tried to educate her children for ages. Now, the time has come for her brother to interfere. Here is Unkle Natur, ready to teach us a lesson.”

@york_calling said “introduces hip-hop elements to their subversive sound. ”

“It opens heavy and sinister, with big drums, gritty riffs and half-rapped, half-shouted vocals. It’s yet more evidence of the range that 9 o’clock Nasty have, which they manage to display without losing any of their signature characteristics.”

@illustratemagazine said “It’s like a hypnotic mercury bouncing from one ear to the other.”

“The song exudes an air of rebellious energy, with each beat resonating against the haze, forming a sonic landscape that is as invigorating as it is elusive. The intriguing riffs add a layer of mystery, creating a soundscape that beckons exploration.”

@plasticmgzn said “Brimming with impactful rhythm, grooving instrumentation and powerful vocals, “Unkle Natur” is another superb display of 9 o’clock Nasty’s sonic output while showcasing another side of their sound”

“Channeling the rap rock aesthetic of Beastie Boys, with “Unkle Natur,” 9 o’clock Nasty serves up a blend of punchy hip hop beats, subtle guitar plucks, gritty guitar lines and buzzy synth tones as their crowd style vocal vocal shouts deliver the lyrics with commanding swagger. The result is a slick fusion of genres, where the flow of hip hop meets the raw energy of rock”

@beatwaves_ said “The clash of grinding hip-hop beats with garage rock anthems, entangled with electro-dub melodies and indie freak show absurdity, sets the stage for 9 o’clock Nasty’s bold new musical direction”

“the song promises a wild ride. Brace yourselves”

@senocular_media said “an eclectic blend of hip-hop breakbeats, grungy guitars, and angsty vocals”

“In the song, “Unkle Natur,” takes the place of Mother Nature as the personification of planet Earth. As opposed to the comforting and nurturing Mother Nature we have become accustomed to, Unkle Natur is the chaotic uncle who only shows up to wreak havoc. ”

@sinusoidal.music said “their music is buzzing with 220V energy and I don’t mind holding both the terminals”

“With cinematic appeal and percussion that would make the characters of The Jungle Book sway, this song has a Swiss Knife’s edge. The drums look good in the tux, for they have all the attention on them. The fuzzy guitars have a minimal cameo, yet they are welcome. If this song doesn’t become their Moby Dick to play live, I don’t know which one will. The Deep Purple synth pocket is appreciated as well, and this will now be my track to experience till I get sick. And thou shalt bring me to health, 9 o’clock Nasty.”

@musikepool said “UNKLE NATUR release is not just a song; it’s a musical reckoning that confronts our collective impact on the planet.”

“UNKLE NATUR is not here to simply play; it demands a toll, both in the form of grinding hip-hop beats battling garage rock anthems and electro-dub melodies smothered in indie freak show nonsense.”

@artistionline_playlist said “Dramatic keyboards intervene by tearing through the air like sudden lightning that illuminates the night of judgment.”
“Organic sounds and electronic gimmicks amalgamate into a bombastic sound stream that keeps us glued to the speakers with a brutal force. One of the aspects that most characterize the band is its particular writing that highlights a fresh and original creativity that never fails to amaze us. The track almost suddenly closes with a threatening warning that can't make us sleep peacefully: Unkle Natur is coming for us."
@thisisapolloharp said “known for their liberal style and charming sonic promiscuity. Their soundscapes always seem to be diverging into experimental flavors of punk, grunge, hard rock and even glam rock. ”
“In their latest track, ‘Unkle Natur’, the group unite disjointed vocals with experimental melody lines and anthemic basses to forge a distinct underground vibe. The chaotic composition, in concept, is set up to shape the disruptive and insouciant protagonist.
@lostinthemanor said “technical mastery that is filled with eclectic whimsy and wacky styles”
“this outfit is constantly pushing the envelope on what types of sounds they are willing to explore and on this release, they have opted to try their hand at crafting aggressive hard rock-flavoured tunes and this track lives up to every expectation fans must have had from this band. 9 o’ Clock Nasty just does not miss and they keep putting out banger after banger. It is criminal”
@musechronicle.inc said “In an era where survival seems uncertain, the return of the 9 o’clock Nasty is a beacon of excitement, ”
“the single is a thrilling blend of amusement and excitement, featuring potent hip-hop-style chants and cynical lyricism. In their sonic rebellion, “Unkle Natur” defies expectations and embraces chaos, inviting us to join in their fearless journey of musical disruption. ”

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