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Saturday 23 March 2024

Dead Pilot


"I'll fly you home. I'll cook yer tea.”

Authority figures. They tower. They loom. Respect them. Pay them. When the dentist is elbow deep in your mouth, you can't argue. When a pilot holds all of our lives in their hands, who will deny them a shoulder to cry on?

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Crowland is the February 2024 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

@jpgchief said “With a brand new single, 9 o’clock Nasty keep maintaining themselves as the lords of cynicism and musical discordia”

“the single is as fun as it is dark, because one cannot help but to think about such mystery while also banging his/her head to the sixties inspired beat. Also, not one, but two drum beats, each panned side to side, surprise us as the verse kicks in.”We thank reviewers for taking the time to listen to our stuff - we don't always agree with what they write but we value the effort! Thank you to these reviewers who gave our song a few words.

@rockeramag said “They excel in showcasing a diverse array of styles in their music, blending professional and expertly crafted post-punk, alternative, rock, pop, and dark wave elements seamlessly.”

“When it comes to music, undoubtedly, they are currently the best in the international music scene, in my opinion, for offering such distinctive diversity through their music. It’s worth noting that they flawlessly blended old-school and contemporary elements. “

@plasticmag said “each add a piece to the puzzle of the 9 o’clock Nasty universe. It’s guitar-driven rock music but filtered through a hazy lens of sonic humour and bold concepts, resulting in something entirely new.”

“a twisted synth rock outing cut with the band’s trademark sardonic lyrical writing. Opened by the stuttered buzz of a guitar riff, the bouncy drum beat raises the tension before the song launches into an uptempo tirade of punchy rhythms, thumping bass lines and swaggering vocal leads.”

@KIMU said “The message of the song is succinctly metaphorical, and the hooks are captivating”

“the subversive band has captured our hearts with their fearless approach to music, creating forward-thinking songs that are both thought-provoking and eye-opening.”

@edgarallanpoets said “adrenaline fuelled punk rock that steers you back on course.”

“This isn’t a nostalgic tribute, it’s a full-fledged sonic assault with a modern twist.” 

@thebuzzyband said “The nasties have rolled real-world dread, satire and escapist whimsy in a tightly-knit punk song.”

“9 o’clock Nasty serves this stinging realization with jagged synths, boiling basslines and  a dollop of alarming electronic pulses. They’ve placed the listener at the center of a fuselage, experiencing the dread of the lights going down as cruise control sets in and the pilot breathes their last.”

Graeme at @york_calling said “I think every Monday morning should start with some 9 o’clock Nasty.”

“For all its macabre, Dead Pilot is a lively track, with layers of vibrant electronica playing over some pacy garage rock. Things end on a sudden, ghoulish note. It might just be 9 o’clock Nasty’s most finely-crafted track yet.”

Nicole Mendes, the woman who we most fear at @theothersidereviews said “the UK-based trio tip into the darkness of authoritarian control over life and death in ‘Dead Pilot’. 

“With hard-hitting beats, 9 o’clock Nasty holds you in a vice as your heart pulsates in your ears, your skin chills and you gasp for breath. Interestingly, while the melodic “what the hell was that” brashness grabs you by the throat, it is the elegant cohesion between all elements that sends a rush of raw emotion through your mind.”

@iggymagazine said “Production is a masterpiece, especially when we know the distinctive diversity that their music usually offers and the important message that this song wants to convey to listeners.”

“Distinguishing themselves by their musical style has become their Achilles talent. This English group, renowned for their cleverly designed soundscape of professional dark wave, post-punk alternative rock or pop, has once again struck a big blow with the release of "Dead Pilot.”

@pophits.co writing on Indie Rock News said “Stepping through the vibrant tapestry of dark wave frequencies, “Dead Pilot” showcases 9 O’CLOCK NASTY’s ability to navigate the nuanced realms of punk rock”

“Their sound—a vibrant fusion of alt-rock pop and a bold dash of art rock—resonates with the robustness of Iconic acts like Arctic Monkeys and the rawness of The Strokes. Dive into the majestic world of male vocals that capture the quintessence of UK culture and an irresistible post-punk attitude.” 

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