Welcome to the 9 o'clock nasty


 Please stop asking us for nudes. It won't happen.

New year, new look


He's the one man brass section

Lord Ted


Dressing Up


Tightly wound

and in the dark

The Inspector

Ted and Pete

Finally manages to wear monocle

Sex EP promo shot

Caught at Bins by concerned citizen

Ad image for Spec Savers

Hard at work rehearsivating

Pete Brock, melody specialist

Ted Picker, Bassbone

Sydd Spudd, Beatmaker

Band with main facial expression

Band with secondary facial expression

Band with Emergency Facial Expression

Ted. With Gong.

Pete. On the Edge

Sydd. Also with Gong.

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K to the Damage said...

Handsome men ❤️❤️❤️