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Sunday 20 June 2021

Anti-Ga, The Politics of Ugly

 From the Harvard Review of Modern Political Thinking by Irfan Stross

....and so we find that on the other side of the Atlantic, Anti-fa and the militant opposition to the new alt-right has spawned a very British invention: Anti-Ga.

Anti-Ga, or Anti-Gammon has at its roots the same rejection of neo-liberalist exploitation, of reactionary forces wanting to remake the world as a slightly more shit version of the 1950s. Anti-Ga differs from Anti-Fa however in its aesthetic core. The British alt-right is typified by men of a certain age. Men with faces flooded with blood that give them the appearance of gammon. Farage is the archetype but they are legion. Anti-Ga rejects not just their views, but their loathsome face.

In interview for the next issue of our podcast, Ted Pepper, member of the first British artists to fully embrace Anti-Ga, 9 o'clock Nasty, summarises Anti-Ga thus "Look it isn't just that they have views that should offend everyone with a soul. It isn't just that they actively seek to threaten, to enforce their decadent and immoral view on innocent people. It isn't just that they seek to pervert the truth, to turn people against each other on the pretext of some fucked up viewpoint. It is not just that. The Gammons are worse, because they are ugly. Their purple skinned suppressed rage, their pop-eyed forcefulness, their fake bonhomie and 'man of the people' schtick, their spittle lipped ugly goes past the skin and right down into their diseased internal organs. They are loathsome even down to their spines. Anti-Ga is more than a political association of people who will not accept the tentacles of the alt-right slithering unopposed into our lives, it is a combined front of all those who just think these fuckers are fuck-ugly to the bone and should fuck the fuck off."

It was a real pleasure to talk to Irfan and his friends in America. We hope Academics and researchers across the world turn their eyes to the Gammon-Menace and enjoy one martini too many as the purple ones dance and strut to Gammon v Pilgrim. As they should.  

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