Welcome to the 9 o'clock nasty

Thursday 10 June 2021

Mob Needed

We are currently busy-busy-busy recording a song called "What Time is Nasty?" [spoiler: 9 o'clock]

For one part of that we need voices. Many. We need to create a real sense of a large crowd in a crowded place responding to the question.

Koala Studios is sadly very small. We don't fit into it, so you certainly won't. Unless you are a mouse. But if you are a mouse you won't make a good shouting sound and if you record yourself pouring a drink it will probably be a tiny one.

So if you would be able to shout your response into an envelope, and even better, do so whilst pouring yourself a good drink, then seal the envelope (carefully: do not allow the sounds to escape). Then post it to:





Thank you in advance. We can't wait to open your dank, noisy envelopes and add them to our multi-track hyperspace-recording system.

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