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Thursday 10 June 2021

Splatter Fanzine Review: No Garry No (Your Views Are Too Extreme for the 9 O'Clock Nasty)

We recently shared an early mix of one of our songs with Mark from Splatter Fanzine. Naively we hoped for a fair review.

His main point is actually a good one, and pleased us as a collective.

The song encapsulates a rare level of rage at the Gammonsphere's taint on the world. It is not often that such a spiralling, edgy bass grabs your skin and pulls you into the musical mincing machine, but I felt truly devoured and defiled after two listens, and exhausted after a third. This band understand dynamics and their 2 minutes of onslaught press all the buttons.

However, Mark crossed a line.

I don't really get why the Nasty are so upset about espadrilles. They are perfectly good footwear, and wearing them does not make the wearer into some kind of snivelling gammon.

Mark, we are not your friend. Only mates can call us "the Nasty." To you, we are, and will remain "9 o'clock nasty." Please note the use of lower case. We did share the 4 page style guide with you. No capitals. No abbreviations. You are a snivelling lowlife. You are dead to us. Wake up to yourself. Then do the right thing. Nasty, out. 


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