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Friday 6 August 2021

Big Fish (In a Pool of Piss)


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Big Fish (In a Pool of Fish) is the third track from "Growl," the August 2021 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty. Not all gammon live on dry land, some are aquatic, but many are not the predators they hoped to grow up to be.

Listening Notes

You put your towel on the last beach lounger by the swimming pool. Third row from the front, fierce sunshine until 2pm and then stygian black shade until bedtime. The smell of raw chlorine is painful and if those two small children don't stop screaming sometime soon, well words will be spoken. You've read this paperback before. It is a comfort. 

There are ten hours to go before the respite of a walk in the dusk, fried food looking at the waves and that cold fresh beer. The ten minutes of pleasure before the regret catches up with you. It always does on the end.

Pop in the headphones. 

Feel the restless burn on your chest and forehead. The savage ache on the back of your neck. Overhead you can hear the rumble of a jet fucking with the clouds. Breathe it in deep. Even the chemical smell is the scent of leisure. Now press play. Close your eyes and let the Nasty wash over you.

Sing Along

It's No Fun Swimming In a Shitty Pool

If you're gonna live in a pool of piss

Be the Big fish 


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