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Thursday 5 August 2021

The First "Growl" Review is in from Find No Enemy, and it's a scorcher


Growl is released this weekend and we shared it with a number of blogs and music-sites in the hopes of reviews. The first is in from Find No Enemy (which is a great read). 

We won't reproduce it here, please do head over to the site and see for yourself - music review sites need readers just as much as new bands need listeners, but we will share and respond to a couple of the points made for those with fingers too heavy to clickety-click.

The Leicester based rock outfit are a smorgasbord of subgenres ranging from abrasive garage rock to lo-fi synth indie rock.

Pete Brock would call us a kaldtbord but then that's Norwegian ancestry for you. (Also cool to get a Swedish reference in the same week we discovered Molosser a truly awesome band from Uråsa), but this is a summary of what we're doing that is ten times better than our own attempts to describe ourselves.  Expect to see a variation appearing on everything we write from now on...

That beating sense of urgency as they belt 'Monstruosa, TAKE ME HOME'  will stay in your head long after the song's closure.

Monstruosa is very different from the smoothness of Unspool My Heart, and very much more an obvious "Rock stomper" but Kartik's take is exactly right - again, here are two vocal lines battling it out in a lot of our songs, in this case the fury and the resignation.

On 'Walkman Walk', a punchy and groovy bassline serves as the centrepiece. The vocals here are almost backgrounded, letting the bass take the spotlight. 

Well in a band with two bass-players (both of whom play bass in the song) that's hardly surprising.

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