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Monday 2 August 2021

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The Longer Why and Wherefore

To reach an audience we depend on social media. Over our first two months we've gained a good number of people interested in what we do and we hope to keep building that momentum, because we want to reach as many people with our music as we can and surprise and delight a little.

Social media is however a capricious beast. Recently a band we know and love had their main social media account deleted and all their content, and more importantly that network of interested people taken away because a moderation bot took exception to a photo. It has made us realise that although we work across several platforms, we want to build something a bit more solid of our own.

So we want to build up a list of friendly contacts and write them a letter every month. It will have band news, odd snippets, some more mad capers from the real and fictional characters that are haunting both Koala Studios and the orbiting HQ, and access to music we haven't released yet. We're currently sitting on a lot of unreleased material and we'd like to share it with people that care.

So please do sign up. There is not hidden agenda. We have no interest in acting like dicks, we will use your email address responsibly, respect your privacy and not bug you with nonsense. The incessant stupids we will save for social media, where we hope it entertains you.

Nasty, out.

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