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Thursday 12 August 2021

Indie Criollo - 10 recommendations for the Demanding Listener

We were really happy to feature in this article on Indie Criollo and their daily listing of ten recommended bands.

For those that were not listening in Mr Berry's Spanish lessons we offer a basic translation here. Any mistakes are entirely intentional.

Monstrous arrives here thanks to the British band 9 o'clock Nasty, who deliver us one of those songs that destroy anyone's mind and can't be stopped by anything.The heart of this band is the intention to destroy everything, which needs you you need to challenge the fear of anyone and unleash your freedom before garage-rock, which this band carries as a flag to encourage you to feel empowered to corrupt the atmosphere and destroy everything without fear of consequences. The singer is really hot.

We didn't send the site any kind of press release so to read their take on the song is instructive. To us it is all about resignation and being prepared for something to end when you've drained the last drop of happiness from it. Now, if you want to hear us sing a song about destroying absolutely everything, we have an EP all about that theme ("Get Into Them") due in a few months. But that is another story. 


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