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Friday 6 August 2021

"Less than 1000 Followers"Review Growl: 'alt-art garage music'


@JPGChief  has a good thing going with a whole raft of blog posts, playlists and a general firestorm of activity, so it's great to know they took the time to listen to Growl and put some thoughts together. It's a really good review and we're very happy with it at the Orbiting HQ. We shall invite him to our "What Time Is Christmas?" party.


I won’t lie to you, I’ve encountered with a quite interesting work by this British band. A three piece EP of alt-art garage music. I didn’t even know that existed! But it does, and, well, it’s something to appreciate closely.

We'd been trying to push the idea of a New Wave of Garage, we even have a group on Facebook ready to open up, but Alt-Art-Garage is a good lable. 

Monstuosa is a grarage-rock song. Pure, simple and direct.

Walkman Walk is artful but short and has that garage sensibility.

Big Fish in a Pool of Piss most definitely exists in a quirk-twist Alt on top of Art world!

To answer the question about whether Big Fish is political. Yes, with a small P. Every day we watch aqua-gammons of small stature puffing themselves up to be super-sized, while the real predator gammons, the Alpha-Gammons watch on scratching their arses with gold coins and discarded false teeth.

Big Fish is however not a self-improvement song. Most of our songs are, but this one isn't. Our sincere advice to those that find themselves living in a shitty pool is not to become the biggest fish in it. EVOLVE. Climb out of the pool of piss and live on dry land. We hope all goldfish-listeners to the song understand this.

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