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Saturday 7 August 2021

Walkman Walk


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Walkman Walk is the second track from "Growl," the August 2021 EP by 9 o'clock Nasty. You can walk away from almost anything. Except being left behind. 

Listening Notes

Find somewhere busy. It helps. Surround yourself with the flow of humanity. A high street. An airport. Rush hour commuters. Be the rock in the flow. Hold steady as they pass you by. 

If you stay there long enough, really stay there and do not waver, then the one you want to see will pass by. You may wait weeks. Years. Probably best to think carefully where to wait. 

You can act surprised. Have a witty one-line ready. Just don't tell them how much you want them back.

This is the song to listen to in those aching, crippling hours.

Sing Along

I fell in love with a travelogue

I flew in a book

Wanting you back, is a kind of freedom

Walkman Walkman Walk

Hold Your Breath & Count to Nought

Gameboy Gameboy Play

Think of Things to Make You Stay

Out on the precipice

Life goes on

Wanting you back, is my only freedom. 


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