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Thursday 19 August 2021

New Unspool My Heart Video


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Nature abhors vacuums. And songs without a video. So here is one for our most played song, Unspool My Heart. 

The Other Side said:

‘Unspool My Heart’ has a very different feeling to the opening track with the almost preppy opening. The chanting vocals and thrumming guitar have you bopping to the track. There is a wonderful contrast in the vocals with the retro easy melodic flow and a calling line overlapping. This brings a dichotomy to the track that is reminiscent of the world and how many people see others. The guitar line that comes in later has a warm feeling to it that, without fail, will put a smile on your face.

...and we can't argue with that. Some songs are hard work to write and record but you slowly abrade your way to the jewel underneath. Unspool popped cackling out of the delirium of a wet Tuesday night and filled the room with warmth and dark humour.

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