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Monday 25 October 2021

Among (Many) Other Aspects: OS Garotos review Catch Nasty

Nice write up for Catch Nasty (right next to one of our fave bands, Our Man in the Bronze Age) from Os Garotos de Liverpool. Translated below:

9 O'CLOCK NASTY After a few singles and EP, they are back on the site, with the album "Catch Nasty", released on Bandcamp on the 15th and that brings a cover that obviously reminds us of Sgt. Pepper's, the Beatles.

Containing about 35min in length, this album was made to listen in its entirety, without having separate tracks on the streaming platforms, but rather a division between Side 1 and Side 2, as if it were a vinyl and each side of it with respectfully 21 and 14 minutes.

Punk, darkwave, rocakbilly, dance, funk grooves, vocal harmonies, great lyrical composition and more is present on this album that took five months to get ready, being an extensive album of 16 tracks that goes through various styles, showing all the musical and artistic knowledge of the band, going to rockabilly to garage rock, from funk to hard rock, from grunge to post-punk, among other aspects.

You can get Catch Nasty at http://www.9nasty.com/p/catchnasty.html

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