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Wednesday 20 October 2021

Musical Blender! The Roadie Music Review of Catch Nasty


Roadie Music wrote a delectable review of Catch Nasty (which is available now for £5 CD or £3 digital). 

Ted feels like doing a correspondence course in Portuguese as he bends and twists his rudimentary grasp of Spanish to make sense of these Brazilian paragraphs - here is the original, we love just seeing it in all it's original glory. We've said it before but "bunch of nutters from Leicester: Brazil: Fuck!"

Below is a genuine attempt to accurately translate the text....

The creative potential of this group based in Leiceter, England is simply unbelievable. We always have to come across a relevant new release, which leaves us absurdly short of time to digest the previous experience. They really are in a sensational phase! After the amazing and VERY recent EPs, “Dust” and “Cut”, 9 o’clock Nasty not satisfied, arrives with his first album in digital format, “Catch Nasty”!

We could take our feet of the "releasing new stuff" pedal but... we write it as fast as we release it! New product baby, new product. We're working hard on the next two right now.

The incredible symbiosis of sound, which is already characteristic, is present in this “musical blender” with an irrepressible repertoire. The versatility in which they move through the most disparate references, within their powerful garage-rock with powerful pop incisions, is impressive. “Gravy Train” brings irresistible rockabilly, plus the strong hard-rock prominence of “Monstruosa”, and as the title indicates, “Say No To Funk” has a stratospheric “killer” groove!

So.... "Musical Blender" and "Killer Groove" are going on the quotes wall.

We quote some examples, but the record is irrefutable in its production, impossible to “skip” tracks.

Ha ha well that would be because it is impossible to skip tracks unless you buy the CD, (£5 link above) because we released it as two honking big mp3 files. In hindsight that was a mistake but it was a deliberate attempt to force the whole "this is made to be listened to as a single piece" line to its ultimate conclusion.

It's a really flawless trip, the guys shoot in all directions and just hit everything! The recent EPs already gave evidence of all this synergistic talent through the devastating sound permeation of the most vivid, but really “Catch Nasty” breaks ALL expectations! It is worth mentioning the sensational cover, a montage on top of the classic image of “Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”, by the Beatles, and it also shows a great differential in the presented context. The LP features updated versions of many of the songs from the band's EP series with a few extras, including the deconstruction of Bauhaus' classic “Terror Couple Kill Colonel”. Registration is available for digital download, CD or limited edition “Nasty Pack”, with a number of special extras, exclusively through Bandcamp. Available below, 9 o'clock Nasty in one of the year's releases:

Thank you Alessandro and everyone at Roadie. One day we hope to meet you and sip an ice cold beer and tell each other how great we all are. Seriously.... we could combine a holiday and a tour.... 

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