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Tuesday 19 October 2021

The Edgar Allen Poets: Legendary Middle Finger for Catch Nasty


Reviews are coming in now for the LP "Catch Nasty" (available to download or buy as a CD) and one of the first is from the Edgar Allen Poets - who have been known to come up with some language to describe our stuff that made us both do a double take and leap to the ceiling.

Catch Nasty, and the experience begins is another corker. It's short so please give it a click and see what he says. 

"Continuous Madness"

I guess this is praise. We are trying to build momentum and throw stranger and stronger things out each month, so a growing madness is certainly in our wheelhouse!

"I felt like a guinea pig in their lab... "

Love the idea that someone listening would have a "what the fuck?"moment. That's a joy missing from so much music as it becomes more manufactured and honed. We need rough edges. For the record though:

  • We would never run an animal testing lab. There's no money in it anyway.
  • We certainly wouldn't use a guinea pig. We'd call a guinea pig Hamish and give it a polka dot bow and let is roam Koala studio freely. We also would never give a listener or a reviewer electric shocks. At least not yet. That may come in a later phase.
"if you are a sheep following the flock, this music is not for you."
Delicious. Any artist would hope to be in that position, leading astray, taking people from the periphery and onto a different path. Whether it was the Velvet Underground, the Sex Pistols or the Cramps or <insert name of other band we didn't mention here> some bands create moments that take people down a different path. It is a really kind comparison and one we will hope to live up to with future releases.

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