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Sunday 31 October 2021

Sexy Back on Formula Indie Radio on release day (ish)

Really looking forward to hearing Sexy Back go live on Formula Indie Radio on the 5th. It's a special day because...

Our single will be released around that day - it is hard to say with precision because as it is a cover version it has to go through a clearance process before it hits distribution.

It is Bonfire Night and 9 o'clock Nasty fucking LOVE fireworks. Ted seems to have a grudge against the Dogs of Rothley so it could be a loud one locally (please don't tell us off as 1. Ted doesn't read the comments and it will only make him worse. 2. We respect your right to be annoyed, please respect our right to be disinterested in said annoyance. 3. We're joking.

We are thinking of filming a video on 5th November in the dark of the night so if you're local to Koala Studios, may be best to stay indoors.

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