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Friday 22 October 2021

Sinusoidal Reviews Catch Nasty: Delight in a Pouch - we are bad motherphunkers


Please do read the review before reading any of our nonsense. Nishant got under the skin of our CD and it was a delight to answer his questions.

Then, go buy our CD, because if he hasn't convinced you, nothing will! It is a properly good album.

OK done both? Then settle in for a bit of a delight in a pouch, heroin before you hit the couch moment. 

Watch out for that appearing in a lyric sometime soon.

We're not going to lie, we're feeling good this week. We've filmed a great video for the next single, which was a hoot and done some photos, we're getting orders for the CD every day leading to daily walks to the post office and then we get good reviews like this. Ones that reference just about every cool band we'd ever hope to be compared to.

Honestly we could gush all over the review and pick out bits to quote. Instead let's just say we told the truth in the interview and it hopefully comes over as direct and smart. The comparisons are flattering (not always what we were stretching for but what we wanted to make isn't always what someone hears) and generous. We love the description Phunk. Phunksters. Phunkadelic. So if you ignored what we said at the start, please do give it a read. Or read it again. We will.

There is one tiny thing we need to say in response. We sometimes say shit that might sound like we're aiming it at someone or something when actually we're just evoking something that made us smile.

The review picks up on If They Won't Eat Beef thus:

If They Won’t Eat Beef is a Ramones/The Clash style angry track about something that seems to be bothering them. Vegans. Yuck. Alright, enough hate towards a group that don’t really have the energy to argue. I support this song a 100%, and is going to be my standard reply to a certain people on my chat list.

We adore the idea that someone could use our song as a riposte in an argument. Do it. Do it and win, but the song is in no way anti-vegan. Some of our best friends are lapsed vegans (no hate please, humour remember?). The song is about that moment when you go home and tell your mum you've become vegetarian/ vegan/ mormon. When Ted did this to yank his mother's chain in the old times, her freaked out reaction was "but if you won't eat beef, what will you eat?" That is where the song comes from. If you think that's cruel bear in mind that his mum had the last laugh, serving him a cold onion bhaji in place of turkey for Christmas dinner (and the carnivore Ted slathered with a froth of saliva for weeks as he maintained the pretence). Further evidence, see the video, it probably makes our position clear.

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