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Sunday 17 October 2021

Weirdo Art Punks: MangoWave disassemble 9 o'clock Nasty to our core.

If we could make a time machine, which we can't because we're not Time Machine Scientists, we'd send this review back through space and time to the first week of lockdown with a note saying "look at this shit, you are going to be a real band, take this seriously!" Of course we wouldn't have, but shit... this is a good review.

EP Review: 9 o'clock nasty - Dust (2021) (mangorave.blogspot.com)

Please go read it in full and give them a page-view. Probably best to buy anything that's advertised there. We want Mango Wave to become the biggest media-empire the world has ever seen.

Hence, the Leicester-based band presents what punk is all about. By breaking all the rules, making up their own rules, and then breaking those again, 9 o'clock nasty provide us with a gatling gun fire of middle fingers and a lot of fun.

Well, if such a gun existed (we shall invent it as soon as we finish that fucking time machine) we would have plenty of targets to fire it at, even if we just consider our own country (and thanks to some of the nice things we've had from other ones we are increasingly thinking of ourselves as a Global Punk Band from Leicester!). 

Badda badda badda b-doink (that's the sound of our Middle Finger Gatling Gun). Where the middle fingers would actually come from who knows. No, we aren't going to think about that either.

Anyhoo, we do have rules, well we did. We had a rule saying no song over three minutes and Last Chance was the first to smash it. But it needed space. Needed room to uncoil. So we made the rule "no tight punk classics more than three minutes" and we've just written a song called "Do Me Too" (which we think is the first song to truly explore Polygamy in a frank and open way over a driving bassline) that's nearly four of those fucking minute things long. But it's tight-punk-rock, moreso than much of our oeuvre. So yeah, rules, fuck them.

...that somewhat reminds of 1980s style anarcho sounds such as Crass or Amebix.

Well our compare-us-to-people antenna are twitching.... that's not one we had thought, we were going for film-score, dark. But there is a rabble-rousing side. It is... neat though. We have some much more anarcho stuff coming up though....

....in a zappaesque way.

This gave us a comparo-gasm.

.... 9 o'clock nasty play Punk Rock for Art Rock fans. The band fro Leicester perfectly expresses what freedom of arts should be about.

This was a lovely review and MangoWave, if you ever come to the UK, there is a beer in our fridge for you. 

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