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Friday 15 October 2021

"Welcome to Our Eclectic Universe" - the YMX Interview

It's a big day for the band today - our LP is now for sale. We had this interview but we thought we'd save shouting about it until release day.

We always say, PLEASE go read the original on the site. It benefits everyone. It is a good length piece and we won't copy and paste much here because if you wanted to read it all you could just click!

Spending an hour talking to someone who is genuinely interested in you is the purest therapy. To talk about your passion with your friends is a wonderful thing. Just about everything in the article is true apart from the bits we brought over on the space transporter from our Eclectic Universe.

Here are some of our favourite snippets:

If you're tired of the too many processed vocals and too many predictable sounds you listen to every single day on the radio, then be ready for this eclectic and explosive rock band from Leicester called 9 O'CLOCK NASTY.

They have something to say and because of their alchemy and experience, the result could have been nothing but perfect. 

We love 60’s garage rock. Love the attitude, the power. We enjoy psychedelia. Those things are always somewhere in the mix for whatever we do.

“Gravy Train” took shape over weeks of refinement and warfare. Pete hated Ted’s idea for the bassline for the song, so he sabotaged his instrument. The resulting set of strange noises ended up in the final recording.

Gigs are an interesting problem. We love playing them, but we can reach more people with a few Reels on Instagram than a gig. 

...if any readers know of venues or festivals that are a bit different, that would welcome the kind of broken cabaret we might offer, we’d love to hear from them. 

In this band, we started with a crystal clear idea of what we wanted, and we built that. If we had been a gigging band we would probably have killed each other before the pandemic ended out of sheer adrenaline and frustration.

There is no room for compromise with a glitterball full of punk. 

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