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Thursday 18 November 2021

Artful Unusual (That's Us!)


Thank you Indie Dock for reviewing Cut! 

"Artful, Unusual."

Ted is walking around the kitchen again and again. Each time he weaves through Sydd's drumkit which currently blocks the kettle and fridge he pauses to enunciate in his best RADA trained accent. "Artful, Unusual."

Eventually Pete B-Rock will need to make his daily trip to the fridge to take out his trainers, ready for his dance lesson, and when that happens, the double block of drumkit and lanky obsessive bassplayer is likely to provoke serious trouble. For now he's just playing backgammon with Sydd and snorting at Roxy Music records.

It will be worth the trouble though. It is a nice review. Please click the link and read it.

"9 o'clock Nasty make us cry, laugh, think and break away."

We do that ourselves but not in that order. We would always start with a Breakaway.

Indie Dock have been kind to us a few times now and we do appreciate their words. It's a great blog.

Now we need to somehow stop Ted from causing a fridge collision incident. 

"Artful, Unusual."

"Art-fuuuuuul, Un-uuuuusual."

"ARTful, UnuSUual."

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