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Friday 19 November 2021

Indie O'Clock give our version of Sexy Back the Up Thumbs!

We love dominating the o'clock media niche. Indie O'Clock had a listen to our version of Sexy Back and they liked it. 

Last time they wrote about us we got annoyed by the way they mangled our name, but this time they have delivered both typographically and journalistically. As it is in Portuguese, here is a translation:

The creative group is releasing the cover version of "Sexy Back".

The band was thinking of doing a cover, with some music, some artist, so they decided to choose "Sexy Back" from no one else but Justin Timberlake. What they did is very smart, they rescued a nostalgic pop, from someone who is already consecrated in the musical environment and with that, will attract a new audience. Great marketing action to increase the visuality of the band.

Sexy Back, as everyone knows, has a sexier style. I'm sure this version will be played in parties and that Justin Timberlake is listening and enjoying this cover too much, maybe he's having a party and this song is playing, because it was amazing the tone of their performance.

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