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Saturday 20 November 2021

Catch Nasty: Creative Breakthrough

Indie Dock Music Blog have been showing us a tonne of love this week (or they had a lot of space to fill!), now they've reviewed the big Daddy: Catch Nasty. Please give 'em a click.

First thing to say is the sleeve artwork looks AMAZING that big - we're used to seeing it at CD size!

Ted just spent an hour looking at it and laughing and pointing to the people he found on it. This is slightly disturbing as the artwork was actually a product of his mind, Pritt Stick and endless love of the plucky underdog.

Well he calls them underdogs. But most of them are cunts.
charismatic rock n roll and punk full of fresh stories, humor, and extraordinary sound. 

Charisma is a strange thing, especially in a song. We always thought our four-chord thumping and shouting did have that certain je ne sais quoi but it's great to have affirmation. 

the album find imprints of our present with its problems and challenges, its irony and surprise. 

Most of the songs came as the world was slowly crumbling from that first emergence from lockdown back into the second series of fart-bangs, whilst the US went through its own very definite fartbang and dunderheads all over the world seem to find the courage to emerge as the true shitty drama-acts we always knew they were. So yes, that is woven into the songs. The new stuff, written this Autumn is very different - heavier and probably more charismatic, but let's see what thew world wove into them while we weren't paying attention.

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