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Tuesday 16 November 2021

Festive Gifts Nasty Style


What do you get the Nasty person in your life? Our first suggestion is this premier cookery apron, protecting genitals from hot oil and crisp white tee-shirts from explosive pasta sauce. It is a beautiful thing. EAT NASTY APRON

A tad more traditional but innovative nonetheless. We've all been in the position of wondering which band tee-shirt to get because which song do you pick? People do judge you for your choice. Well we do. So here is a fresh spin, get your loved one a tee shirt for a song that isn't even out yet!

Do Me Too is out next year. It could be a classic. It could be shit. But the gift recipient will not know. All they will see is a really hot looking Margaret Thatcher in her Raccoon phase and see a style icon that unites the world. Actually for the record "Do Me Too" is an absolute belter of a song. 

DO ME TOO TEE and other garments available

Of course, if you really do give a shit about them, you'll get them Catch Nasty, our LP - which is better and cheaper than both the other things. Maybe you should get that too! 16 songs. With free other stuff. £5. Get them two. If they are modern, buy them the digital download, if they are old school and still have a CD player, get them the disc, if they only play vinyl, well they're fucked because frankly we can't be arsed with that nonsense.

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