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Monday 15 November 2021



So there is this new internet search thing. It is called You.com and it seems to be ad free. Anyhoo we did an extensive consumer test and searched for ourselves. Consider it search engine optimisation rather than pure vanity.

It was alright, and we found an article about us we hadn't noticed. We put quite a lot of effort into noticing. Attention Seekers do.

So it's late but here is not only a new snippet of Web Nasty, but also the best headline so far.

Delicious grunge fruit Made in Leicester give us the good vibration

They captured it all in that headline. Sublime.

The last part we will paste here, because it is literally our press release word for word!

This will blow your socks off. If you are wearing socks. Born on a night with no moon at the end of the world. We’re immensely proud of this cover version, we hope Mr Timberlake will like it too, but your opinion matters more. Be honest. 

Hope you have a good sock day. Nasty, out. 

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