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Sunday 21 November 2021

MangoWave: Let's Get Nasty Like It's 9 o'clock!


We have a huge soft spot for MangoWave because we've read around their site a bit and they are the real deal - not just genuine music fans but people that care. So a good review from them is special.

Please see the original and give them the clicks.

Catch Nasty seems so long ago now, which is stupid as it's only been about for about 6 weeks, but the music on it is from the summer and we've written new stuff that we're excited about. The decision to make it two honking long mp3 files or a physical product probably wasn't commercial genius but we love it and we're super-proud of it. We still have copies for sale if you want one.

We do like a label, and MangoWave give the best ones out like medals that we shall wear with pride.
Avantgardist, nihilist, and artistic Punk, Post-Punk, Art Rock, Garage Rock, Funk, Wave

Wave is a new one and we thank them for it.

As they say, let's party like it's 9 o'clock. 

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