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Monday 22 November 2021

Fact Check on Motion News Error Strewn Review of Sexy Back

We don't know what to make of this from Motion News. Go LOOK!

We love attention and we love good reviews, but by "good" we mean they make sense and are fun, rather than universally positive about the band. A salute to the talented ppl who have written about us.

This piece from Motion News has picqued us. If being picqued could be a thing. Ow! There, it did it again. Fucker.

Factual stuff:

  • delivering a number one hit single, FALSE
  • GRAMMY® nominated multiplatinum FALSE FALSE (we did once pretend to win a Leicester Tourism Award when in fact we didn't enter)
  • powerhouse trio 9 o’clock TRUE
  • Nasty have released their highly anticipated single, Sexy Back, on 5 November TRUE
  • via Records DK London, the country’s leading music company. FALSE
Oh dear.
  • single features the band’s history-making comeback single, “Sexy Back” HALF TRUE. Ted actually has a bit of sick in his mouth after reading that. If we ever go away. believe us there will never be a comeback. The single does feature Sexy Back.
  • Upon release, “Sexy Back” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, marking the first #1 for the band and the first #1 debut from a group this century. Recently ranked #1 on Billboard’s critic’s picks list of the “50 Best Songs of 2019,” it has become a song of the summer anthem, rapidly ascending to #1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart for the last 1 week – the most for any song this year TRUE but of course they are talking about..... the original/ Hang on do they think we ARE Justin Timberlake?

What could possibly have given them that idea?
  • with the band’s follow up single “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” climbing closely behind. FALSE Oh my giddy twice deceased Uncle from Margate, where is this spewing from? Terror Couple follows very close behind. So close that it is in fact what is technically known as the OTHER SIDE of the SAME SINGLE. Also that is a Bauhaus song and we love it.
  • Danzig is incorrect. EH? This is literally copied and pasted from our own website.  Danzig is always right, go read his reviews. But he was wrong when reviewing our song.
  • Sexy Back was begging to be reimagined for the new era of garage rock sensibilities. TRUE TRUE TRUE. To use the colloquial expression "it was fucking gagging for it."
  • 9 o’clock Nasty take it to a new level of darkness, where the ugliness of perverted lyricism takes on a whole new meaning. THANK YOU. We hope that is true. It is an ugly song as we just shone a spotlight on its dark, sexually twisted soul.
  • With this glitterball disco deconstruction, there can be no compromises. TRUE
  • “What the fuck?” says Justin Timberlake. TRUE. Well no actually but we so fucking wish it was.

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