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Sunday 28 November 2021

Party EP Tackles Important Life-Questions whilst retaining that Festive Boost


Festive season records are tricky beasts. Do you go all in on true spiritual stuff or go on a hedonistic kick? Well we've just passed the masters for three new songs to the distributors and sent out our press release for Party, our sixth and final EP in 2021 with the aim of bridging that gap.

For anyone that has been paying attention, the first song choice will be no surprise. Yes, we will be answering that eternal question of whether Santa Claus is real or not. What Time Is Santa?  injects a slap happy drumloop and poptastic call and response party vocal and not only answers the great question, but also tells you the time of his arrival.

Play this to children who are at that awkward age where they don't really know for sure, but they have suspicions and that will be one less awkward conversation you'll have to have,

Any conversation in December should at some point touch upon the real meaning of Christmas. No, not that one, The other one. We've written a song that explores organised religion and sets out the arguments. Please don't confuse organised religion and faith. We don't. Preach Me Down is a slab of a song and you will love. It wears its Chunk extremely well, and is probably our favourite video for any song we've ever done. Before you ask, yes that is Cyril Smith, legendary bon-viveur dressed in ecumenical robes and standing behind a wall of human skulls. You're welcome.

Finally we have a dose of light and airy pop. But is it? As the Ship Goes Down may come across as lightweight. It was written and recorded in a single moment - we shit you not, the recording was intended as a rough demo after a bottle of fizz too many, and we just ended up weaving a few bits of pixie dust into the recording because it captured a moment. It might be frippery. It might be a haunting tale of lifeboat necrophilia. It might be a warning about getting a haircut right before you go to a party. In trurth it is about all that and none of it. Yes, there is a Chris Morris reference in there.

PARTY will stagger into the crisp. bright watery sunlight in the first few days of December and will be our signal to relax a little at Koala Studios. That said, we've got some true monsters of rock in store for you next year, all recorded and mixed, so do not expect to get off lightly in January.

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