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Tuesday 15 February 2022

Edgar Allan Poets Ponder on our Knighthoods.


We adore Chris Mariotti, aka The Edgar Allan Poets, and he has once more found the strangest angle to review our new EP, Sex.

Sex is out now.

He tantalises with the idea that we might one day be invited to the Queen's at 9 o'clock for a knighthood.

This is a lovely thought, but sadly it won't happen for three reasons.

  1. Her Maj never sees 9 o'clock,  She is up at 9.30am and in bed by 8pm hugging her Corgis.
  2. A member of the band said she was a cunt in a video call that was almost certainly monitored by MI5. The other members of the band disassociate themselves from that comment.
  3. There is a better list of people that turned down honours than the one of people that accepted them. We would be proud to decline.

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