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Wednesday 16 February 2022

The Perfect Amount of Perversion: Less Than 1000 Followers review "Sex"


Less Than 1000 Followers has long been a fave at the Nasty HQ, and it was lovely to have not just a review but also an interview.

Sex is out now.

There is far too much to say about this but a few observations...

sexuality, booze, and a sh1t load of fun. Get down on it and bask yourself with the unorthodox charisma and funky attitude of this unpredictable trio.

We try so hard to be funky. so so hard!

The three tracks are such a blast as a whole and in themselves. Starting with their characteristic rumbling bass sound in Do Me Too, the Nasty presents a sexy track that vibrates with an industrial vibe and the perfect amount of perversion. A song for jealousy and polyamory. Its catchy chorus and kinky lyrics will have you hooked in a matter of seconds.

It's amusing to think that there is a perfect amount of perversion.  Yup, that is totally what we were going for!

The interview is worth a read. We talk about whether we are a Leicester band or not (we aren't), how we record at the studio and whether a new artist can ever take themselves seriously.

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