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Saturday 12 March 2022

Don't let Sex Put You Off.


We write about music did a review of Sex that left us flummoxed and then rather excited. A bit like Sex really.

We thought Sex was a great name for a record. Four or five community violation bans on TikTok later we are having second thoughts but hey, it is what it is. WWAM thought the same, and suggested it not deter you. Anyway, they also called it slow burning and that sounds a bit naughty so we like it.

Please do go give the site a look. For us the best para was:

Bordering on a garage punk sound throughout the entirety of Sex, the band has clearly brought a rougher style into the mix that we’ve come to love. Spread across three total tracks, spanning right around 9 minutes in length, each one sort of creates its own atmospheric world from start to finish. Although there are moments where the punk genre enters into the mix, we think one of the highlights is the breadth of sound that 9 o’clock Nasty have delivered as a whole.

Thank you WWAM. 

Oh we can't resist. Really. We can't.

Here goes.

WWAM BBHAM thank you WWAM.

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