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Friday 6 May 2022

New Single, Darker Star. Out on 13th May.


Beware the Grim Raccoon Reaper.

On 13th March we will be releasing a new single "Darker Star." It is quite something.

Please pre-save it if you can.

We have had some pre-release reviews.

Less Than 1000 Followers @jpgchief said "This is maybe the trio’s catchiest song up to date, as it immediately begins with the anthemic chorus after the groovy intro. Easy, simple, intoxicating, delicious. And, my god, the lyrics are just hysterical..."

Dark Strudel @darkstrudel "This record sounds like it was recorded by an orchestra of tramps using junkyard instruments. Yet bizarrely everything clicks into place, and it has a soulful groove, a whimsical aggression unlike anything I’ve heard before. The chorus has power. Real power."

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