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Sunday 30 April 2023

Gastronaut: The Reviews


Thank you to the writers that took time and pixels to review our song. This is a list of our favourite quotes and links back to the original articles. Translations are a mixture of Google Translate and Ted's ability to badly converse in many, if we make an error or change any meanings we apologise, it isn't on purpose!

@jpgchief “...a mesmerizing piece of love, food, strange juices, and just damn straight sex…… But in all seriousness, there’s nothing about this track that doesn’t deserve a nice meal at The Ritz… followed by a nasty session of fluid exchanges in its kitchen. ”

@mangowavereviews “…it has been a long and hard week working at the guillotine factory…. Gastronaut is a legit banger, an atmospheric and emotional Indie song that can be played in the dining room as well as in the bed room. 9 o’clock nasty stimulate their listeners‘ ears, tongues an libido simultaneously.”

@KARLISMYUNKLE “We love the mantra-esque and affirmative delivery of their lyricism, and the subversive nature of what they convey, which fundamentally is also a timeless construct. The manner in which 9 o’clock Nasty share their wisdom is really what sets them apart from their peers.”

@edgarallanpoets”Bizarre, Psychedelic and Ingenious with some Hip Hop nuances that make it particularly groovy.”

@sinusoidal.music “Predominantly, the bass and drum carry the song, while the lyrics are definitely something that you’ll memorize by the second listen. String work and transitions, along with that piano accompanying the bass like a best friend, reminds you of Beck’s work. 9 o’clock Nasty do make sure to give you a roller coaster, even though you might have only paid for a bus ride.”

@rockeramag “I loved the piano lines and how they smoothly went on with those neat guitars and deep bass, all within a solid flowing structure that kept things moving dynamically, resulting in an enjoyable tune with a spicy twist that keeps the listener hooked.”

@gdltudosobremusica  “Maintaining its sound with an engaging vocal line and very rich instrumental elements, 'Gastronaut' is a track that continues to show all their versatility, going through elements of punk/alt/garage rock and post-punk, all this in a lyricism about sex, which includes the excerpt "I go as low as you need me to go, let your juices flow”

@iggymagazine "The Gastronaut" is without any circumstances one of the best releases of this year. From the first notes, we are transported to a universe that is both dark and mesmerizing, where the singer's voice is highlighted in a masterful way.”

@itsallindie “…dominated by a moody bassline and a vocal line that can hook you in no matter what. Lyrically it's got moments that can entice a crowd of people to sing-along in no time, and with the tight drumbeat and bass flowing all over it you'll find your feet tapping along rather quickly. Be warned, it seems that 9 o'clock Nasty's music is infectious - approach with caution!”

@info_music_fr “More than a surprise, the new 9 o'clock single Nasty is a real wind of renewal. Captivating, attractive and catchy,”

@headbangersnews_br “Oldschool rock and roll with the sensitivity of modern indie”

@musicaenpalabras_ “"The Gastronaut" invites us to surrender completely, to surrender to the maelstrom of sensations that his notes and words evoke. Through a crunchy and squeaky bass line, accompanied by fluid and captivating rhythms, the song plunges us on a journey of self-discovery. The barking instructions and the chorus of auditory worms on a crazy piano melody drill deep into our brain, defying the limits of our musical perception. The emotional impact and the lyrical audacity take us beyond the conventional, showing us an unexpected and stimulating sound panorama.”

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