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Sunday 9 April 2023

Reviews for The Worms


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@jpgchief “Yet again, the Nasty achieved to prove me wrong in my expectations of how this track was going to sound. Am I so indoctrinated to the Post-Punk capacities of these British gentlemen, that I fail to see beyond their gnarly and twisted energy? Maybe the Unicorns have taken over their minds, “Ye need more atmospheric elements” they say.”

@mangowavereviews When life gives you worms, you might want to ask why the heck life gave you worms – unless you are a biologist doing research on worms. Somewhere between Dream Pop and panic attacks, between Indie Rock and daydreaming, 9 o’clock nasty and I am the Unicorn Head have teamed up to create two versions of this angsty psychedelic track. Here are The Worms!"

@edgarallanpoets “Today they offer us a surprisingly introspective song… the line “I never asked to be alive, I never asked to be anything at all” echoes in my head. It’s always like this… the bands that seem the most playful and careless are always the deepest in the end. A bit like clowns who have their nostalgic aura even when they make you laugh."

@Elnews.media “… an EP that defies convention. "The Worms" is a two-track EP that displays the two bands' unique sound… a perfect blend of indie rock, synth pop, post-punk, alternative rock, and new wave. "The Worms" EP is a sonic explosion of energy and twisted logic, with groovy basslines and haunting synths that make you lose your mind. The two bands bring different elements to the EP, with 9 o'clock Nasty's techno and electronica influences and I Am The Unicorn Head's subtle soundscape and pop sensibility. Both bands' versions of "The Worms" are joined up and shared, and there is something truly magical going on with this collaboration.”

@musicforallmag “But what really amazes me (No wonder, woman! Everything they do is pure creativity juice!), is how the sound design of the 9 o'clock Nasty sounds. And taking into account the recent releases, more raw, aggressive, leaning towards punk, the architecture of “The Worms, Pt. 1” , for example, is a lesson on how each electronic element can transform the song. YES! And it's not that I consider something completely stray from previous performances, but it's important to make clear how much I was moved by the melody and how many rabbits the band pulls out of the hat and surprises the fans.  

The synths build rainbow colors and we float to the pot of gold. There the bass appears imposing, and that doesn't change, I agree, but the beat, although energetic, and the vocals, are more sentimental, dreamy; a more thoughtful and philosophical tone, which looks inward and speaks how it feels. See, 9 o'clock Nasty's rebellious charm was just charm. Deep down they are cute! And they know that despite the endless mishaps we face every day, life is a gift!”

@theothersidereviews “delicious demon of chaotic sound…. Not forceful in any way, each track has a nostalgic throwback to synth-pop sounds of yesteryear; however, a contemporary edginess peeks through the slivers of electropop, synths, pounding drums and heavy bass. Haunting melancholy and vulnerability drips from each track winding intimacy into The Worms. While ‘The Worms Part 1’ is more electronic than the harder ‘The Worms Part 2’, the lads explore human fragility within the melodies. 9 O’Clock Nasty might have toe-tapping, soul-stirring melodies, but is often the provocative lyricism which captures the profoundness of their songs”

@fvmusicblog “Hailing from Leicester, the brilliant band 9 O’CLOCK NASTY are back with their stunning release ‘The Worms’. It is filled with thought-provoking lyrics, accessible melodies and warm production. 9 O’CLOCK NASTY go from strength to strength and we look forward to hearing what will come next”

@findnoenemy ““The Worms” offers a unique blend of groovy electro-disco beats, haunting basslines, and pop sensibility, all wrapped up in a package of GROOVE-SEX-ANGST-MYSTERY-POP…. They’re maddening, off the rails, and consistently defying convention. But it’s an imagination and creative spark that makes 9 o’clock Nasty precisely the kind of madness’ you’re dying to experience. “The Worms” is outlandish at its best and downright car battery energy when you need it. A fury unleashed and a vibe to throw down to."

@infomusic.fr “Enough to distract you while you wait in a particularly long line. The new title of the 9 o'clock Nasty trio is inevitably what you need. Music worthy of an orchestra when listening to a particularly immersive and transcendent symphony. “The Worms" is this composed of emotions that explode in your ear and therefore the active ingredient is none other than your sensitivity. Accompanied this time by I Am The Unicorn Head, the group does not hesitate to extend their sphere beyond the expectations of its listeners.”

@york_calling “Part 1 is the 9 o’clock Nasty mix. It broods with a retro ’80s vibe, driving bass and percussion and angsty vocals. It’s a little different from what we’re used to from the rockers, leaning more into techno than punk. For Part 2, I Am The Unicorn Head take control. Their approach to the track is bolder and more anthemic. There’s a Killers-esque quality to their brash indie rock take. I love what both 9 o’clock Nasty and I Am The Unicorn Head are doing on the underground UK rock scene and it’s great to have them collaborating again. The two parts of The Worms proves that you can be wonderfully unique while also finding synergies with other innovators. Above all, The Worms is a banger of a rock track that demands a listen (twice). “

@artistionline_playlist “The distressing verse “I never asked to be alive, I never asked to be anything” resounds in our ears like a desperate mantra hidden by subtle black humor. We can't determine which version we liked the most, but it's nice to imagine it as a single long track.”

@edmrekords  “On “The Worms Pt 1 (Nasty Mix),” the synths are heavenly, drifting into the foreground like mist. The vocals float deep and weightless, carrying the song into the disco domain and beyond. It’s achingly cool, with a sheen of melancholy. I Am The Unicorn Head’s “The Worms Pt 2 (Unicorn Mix)” has the opposite effect, pummeling the listener with huge, guitars and thundering drums. The synths and vocals cut through the noise, as hooks and screams emerge from the fray.”


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