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Sunday 23 April 2023

The Gastronaut. New Single. Out Saturday 29th May


“I’ll go as low as you need me to go, let your juices flow.”

Food p0rn. P0rn p0rn. What happens when the sensual pleasure of food just becomes… well, s3x? What really is the best thing you can do with your mouth?

Good news. We wrote a song about it. THE GASTRONAUT is probably the least obvious and yet most direct thing we’ve ever done. Give yourself up. Surrender. 

We have loved collaborating with people this year, but sometimes we just have to get back to the purest, simplest form of what we do. THE GASTRONAUT is the sound in our heads. It is what the voices whisper to us when we try to sleep. Pete Brock banging the keys of a haunted piano on a sinking ship over Sydd's winding beats and Ted's bust-gut bass. 

Out on all platforms on Saturday May 29th.

"Meet me in the Kitchen. Bard Me Baste Me Knap Me Up"

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