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Saturday 1 July 2023

Mickey Humpper, The Pocket Opera


Mickey Humpper is our contribution to the brunch time Pocket Opera, being released in partnership with The Qwarks.

Can you love someone too much? Can you be too public in showing your affection? What are the true limits of consensuality in modern intimate relationships? More importantly, who’s the leader of the club that's made for you and me? 

Ah yes indeed. There was once upon a time a dog called Ludo. He featured in a conversation between 9 o’clock Nasty and the Qwarks online. Ludo loved his Mickey toy just a little too much for polite company.

Both bands were enchanted by the tale of adoration and pure animal lust. So we joined forces to write a Pocket Opera about it. MICKEY HUMPER is a two part musical collaboration that pays proper tribute to the relentless creature and the terrorised toys of his world. 

“In his relentless physical pumping Mickey Humper demonstrates that we are not the slaves of global media empires. We salute our comrades, The Qwarks.” (9 o’clock Nasty)

“Objectophilia is a little understood phenomenon and we feel that a Pocket Opera is the best way to raise awareness of this issue. At its heart the songs are a love story. Just a rather one sided one. We’re excited to be working with 9 o’clock Nasty in bringing brunch time opera to the masses.” (the Qwarks)

Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Mickey Humpper is the July 2023 single by 9 o'clock Nasty - see also Mickey Humper by the Qwarks for the complete experience

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